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I have found that some small jewels are hidden inside small books like this one—processes, ideas, thought provoking perspectives that make an impact on my agency operation and sometimes even incite major changes.

My desire as I write this book is to do just that. I hope you find many jewels in this book as we march together to rediscover the path of success.

It has been my desire for a long time now to share with you my experience selling insurance, managing staff, providing customer service to our clients, and creating a structure in which it all works like a well- oiled machine. This book is more a compilation of ideas, mistakes, and successes that I have experienced during my journey as an insurance professional than a philosophical or theoretical treatise. I have waited so long to publish it because every time I read it, I notice how much I have learned since my last edit. I continue to find cause to update it, yet I also realize that it is unfair to continue to withhold the information just because I continue to learn through new experiences. That is why I have decided to get it to you now with a commitment to continue to update the content of this book as my journey continues.